First Visit
Who will I see?
What will CAMHS do?
Keeping in touch

Where will I meet CAMHS?

At CAMHS, we mostly work in clinics or hospitals, but we can also see you at other places close to where you live - maybe at your doctors, school or even at your home.

We will contact you to let you know where your first appointment will be, when it is and who you will meet. If we meet again, we will try our best to arrange your appointment at a place that suits you.

Who will come with me?

We ask you and your family/carers to come to your 1st appointment and we like to talk to you all, so that we can better understand the difficulties you are having and how we might be able to help. If you visit us again, sometimes we might talk to you alone, sometimes we might just speak to your parents/carers, or sometimes everyone together; this will depend on what we agree is best for you and what you prefer.

What will happen?

At your 1st appointment we will talk to you and your family about your worries and the difficulties you are having, so that we can understand what might help to make things better for you.

These are some of the things we will ask about:

Before you come, you could write down things you want to say and things you want to ask, and bring them with you.