Who knows I'm seeing CAMHS? (Will it be kept private?)

To start with, the only people that know you're seeing CAMHS are you, your parents/carers, your doctor and the person that asked us to see you (e.g. your school nurse). If we need to talk to anybody else we will always try to ask you first.

Why do my parents/carers need to know?

This is because your parents are legally responsible for you until you are 16 years old, so we need to ask them before we can help you. But seeing CAMHS can help them too, they can learn ways to help solve problems and support you better.

When might you want to talk to someone else?

We do sometimes need to talk about your worries with:

When a worker or organisation says that you can speak to them confidentially, this means that they won't tell anyone else what you say. The only time they will share information is if you have agreed or if they are very worried about your safety or the safety of others.

If we are really worried about your safety, or someone else's safety, we may have to tell somebody outside of our team, but we will try our best to speak to you first.