What will CAMHS do?

Once we better understand your needs, we can all agree on what type of support is best for you:

If we all decide that CAMHS is the right support for you; then we will work with you to agree a Plan of action.

Sometimes we might agree that another service would be best to support you (not CAMHS), if this is the case, then we will help you to get in touch with that service.

Planning your journey

Everyone is different with very different needs, so there are many different types of Plan. The kind of things you might find in a Plan will help explain:

We will discuss your Plan with you regularly and talk to you about the progress you are making and any difficulties you might be having. Sometimes we might agree to change or update your Plan, to help you move closer to your chosen goals. Remember this is your Plan and you are very much in control.

At CAMHS we support young people in many different ways; this depends on what their difficulties are:

  • Nearly all young people only ever see a CAMHS worker for a short period of time.
  • Talking, listening and thinking about things that might help, is all that most young people that visit CAMHS need. It's like having your own personal satnav, providing the guidance and direction you might need to get you to where you want to be.
  • Sometimes young people are also helped through taking part in activities; such as art and relaxation.
  • There are some young people that might need medicine too, to help them feel better. CAMHS has specially trained doctors called Psychiatrists who will make sure you get the right kind of medicine if you need it.
  • Sometimes, if a worker feels that a young person needs more help from CAMHS they may decide that a stay at hospital would be best for them. This would only be decided if it was the right sort of help for you at that time, and you would stay in a special unit with other young people who are also getting help from CAMHS. For more information check out - staying in hospital

Remember: Everyone is different, so the help they get will be different. At CAMHS, we will make sure that you get the help that's best for your needs.